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Welcome to The Life Office

Our aim is to provide the right amount of money for the right person at the right time.

At The Life Office we are unique Corporate Risk Insurance Specialist, providing all aspects of Insurance to all sectors of our economy. Our specialty is providing sound advice with the appropriate products that meet each Business or individual's needs.

Our goal is to have our clients meet their risk requirements with the most tax effective and up to date insurance advice.

We offer a face to face service to all our clients and provide a very unique service to Employer based Superannuation Funds.

This service includes:

  • An on site fully qualified and licensed Financial Planner

  • Implementation of Superannuation Fund

  • Rolling over any existing Superannuation Funds

  • Tailoring any Life, TPD and Salary Continuance Insurance via Super

  • All technical and administrative inquiries are handled by our office

Who we are at The Life Office

Established in 1994, The Life Office is a leader in the Australian financial services marketplace, offering a range of financial products and services that challenge traditional investment boundaries and offer diverse capabilities.

Our Team
Our Preferred Providers
Preferred Providers
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